URSI Commission B
International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory (EMTS 2016)

14–18 August 2016 in Espoo, Finland

Conference Sessions and Topics

Convened Sessions

The following regular and special sessions are confirmed by Jan 27:


Conference Topics

The conference scope covers all areas of electromagnetic theory and its applications, i.e., all topics related to URSI Commission B. The growing list of special and regular topics is planned to cover the following topics:

  1. Electromagnetic theory
    • analytical and semi-analytical methods
    • mathematical modeling
    • canonical problems
    • scattering and diffraction
    • inverse scattering and imaging
  2. Computational methods
    • integral equation methods
    • partial differential equation methods
    • high frequency and hybrid methods
    • fast solvers and high-order methods
    • time domain techniques
  3. Materials and wave-material interaction
    • metamaterials and metasurfaces
    • plasmonics and nanoelectromagnetics
    • electromagnetic bandgaps and other periodic structures
    • optical devices
    • EMC and EMI
    • bioelectromagnetics
  4. Antennas and propagation
    • multiband and wideband antennas
    • antenna arrays and MIMOs
    • wireless communication systems
    • guided waves and structures
    • random media and rough surfaces
  5. Other topics
    • history of electromagnetics
    • education in electromagnetics