URSI Commission B
International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory (EMTS 2016)

14–18 August 2016 in Espoo, Finland

Young Scientist Award

The EMTS 2016 Young Scientist Awardees are (in alphabetical order):

Name Affiliation Paper title
Simon B Adrian Technische Universität München & Institut Mines-Télécom / Télécom Bretagne A Well-Conditioned, Hermitian, Positive Definite, Combined Field Integral Equation for Simply and Multiply Connected Geometries
Alice Buffi University of Pisa Advanced SARFID: a localization technique for UHF RFID tags
Pai-Yen Chen Wayne State University Semiclassical Modeling of Individual and Arrayed Nanoantennas in the Quantum Plasmonic Regime
Mariana Dalarsson KTH Royal Institute of Technology Boundary shape reconstructions in a coaxial waveguide using Bessel functions
Alberto Favaro Imperial College London Electromagnetic wave propagation in metamaterials: a visual guide to Fresnel-Kummer surfaces and their singular points
Jonas Gienger Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) Berlin Improved Result for the Refractive Index of Human Hemoglobin Solutions by Kramers-Kronig Relations
Gabriele Gradoni University of Nottingham Transfer operator approach for cavities with apertures
Piotr M. Kamiński Technical University of Denmark Scattering Analysis of Asymmetric Metamaterial Resonators by the Riemann-Hilbert Approach
Theodosios Karamanos Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Effective Parameter Calculation of 3D Bianisotropic Scatterer Arrays through Extracted Polarizabilities
Muhammad Khalid "La Sapienza" University of Rome Numerical Investigation of DB Metamaterial and Retrieval of its Effective Parameters
Yue Li Tsinghua University Structuring Band-pass Dispersion with Cascaded High- and Low-pass Optical Metatronic Metasrufaces
Iñigo Liberal University of Pennsylvania Selected features of metamaterials with near-zero parameters
Johannes Markkanen University of Helsinki Volume potential integral equation formulation for electromagnetic scattering by dielectric objects
Melina Merkel Technische Universität Darmstadt An Application of ParaExp to Electromagnetic Wave Problems
Andrea Michel University of Pisa Near-field Coupling in UHF-RFID Printer-Encoders
Marko Mikkonen Aalto University Sub-Voxel Refinement Method for Tissue Boundary Conductivities in Volume Conductor Models
Gabriele Minatti University of Siena A Floquet Wave Theory for Curvilinear Locally Periodic Boundary Conditions
Marco Rossi Ghent University Enhancing the Design of Textile Antennas with a Polynomial Chaos-based Stochastic Framework
Dmitry Valovik Penza State University Nonlinear Guided Electromagnetic Waves in a Layer: Revisiting an Old Problem and New Results
Xiaoyan Xiong University of Hong Kong A Novel Beam-Steering Nonlinear Nanoantenna with Surface Plasmon Resonance

The EMTS 2016 Young Scientist Best Paper Awardees are

Place Name
1st price Simon B Adrian
2nd price Marko Mikkonen
3rd price Alberto Favaro
Honorary mentions Dimitry Valovik
Xiaoyan Xiong
YSA Application Instructions

A limited number of awards are available to assist young scientists to attend EMTS 2016. To qualify for application for the Young Scientist Award (YSA), the applicant

  • must be under 35 years of age on August 15, 2016;
  • should have a paper, of which she/he is the principal author, submitted and accepted for presentation at the Conference.

All successful applicants are expected to participate fully in the scientific activities of the Conference.

Successful applicants will receive:

  • free registration for the EMTS 2016 and the "URSI Commission B School for Young Scientists";
  • free banquet ticket;
  • free accommodation covering the full conference duration (check-in Aug 13, check-out Aug 19).

Basic accommodation will be provided by the Conference. The YSA awardees may arrange alternative accommodation but such arrangements are entirely at their own expenses. Limited funds will also be available as contributions to travel costs of young scientists from developing countries.

Every YSA applicant must

  • submit a paper conforming following the guidelines on the Submission-page (Please fill 4 pages with high quality content and remember to select the YSA-track when submitting the paper in EDAS.);
  • send his/her CV, including list of previous publications, in PDF-format to ysa@emts2016.org.

The (extended) application deadline is February 29, 2016. If applying for travel costs, please also provide a travel plan.

The Young Scientist Program Committee (YSPC) will peer-review applications, and select the awardees. All YSA applicants are notified of the results by e-mail by mid May. Every successful applicant must confirm by the end of May that he/she will attend EMTS 2016. The list of YSA awardees will be announced on the EMTS 2016 website in early June.

Young Scientist Best Paper Award

All papers selected for the Young Scientist Award are subject to further evaluation for the Young Scientist Best Paper Awards. The Young Scientists present their papers in regular och special sessions and in addition in a special YSA Poster Session on Tuesday, Aug 16. The YSPC selects three winners based on the papers and the poster presentations. In addition to the winner certificates, the three winners recieve:

  • 1st prize: 1000 €
  • 2nd prize: 750 €
  • 3rd prize: 500 €

The Young Scientist Awards and the Young Scientist Best Paper Awards will be presented during the EMTS 2016 banquet.

Special Issue of the YSA Best Papers

All the three winners of the Young Scientist Best Paper Award will be invited to submit a full-length paper to the “Special Issue of the Best Papers from the EMTS 2016 Young Scientist Award”, which is planned to be published in the March 2017 issue of the URSI Radio Science Bulletin.